Do you enjoy Mission Bay?

So do we! This public resource should be accessible to the tax-paying public who for 60 years have made Gleason Road and Bahia Point a treasured home away from home. We need your help to stop a plan by the Bahia Resort which will severely limit and change the make-up and access this location.

Bahia Point Paddle & Appreciation Day Saturday, March 10th at 9am.

Thank you to the hundreds who got together on a cold wet morning (on and off the water), to put city council on alert that the submitted plans that would irreparably harm the public’s use (as protected by the MB Master plan) of Bahia Point and Gleason Road as well as celebrate in solidarity what a special place it is. You can see more video and pictures posted by attendees at the Citizens Facebook Group.

NEXT STEP: Contact Your City Council!

Bahia Point Paddle and Appreciation Day March 3, 2018
Bahia Point Paddle and Appreciation Day March 10, 2018. Click image to view.

​A plan is headed to San Diego City Council to expand the leasehold of the Bahia Hotel and reconfigure it’s footprint. This will change the way we use the Bahia Point today, so make sure your voice is heard!

If you do any of these activities in Mission Bay, this affects you!

  • Launch watercraft​
  • Picnic with tents, coolers
  • Park your car

Call to ACTION – what you can do:

  1. Get informed
  2. Contact your City Councilmember
  3. Join the cause
This shirt was designed years ago when a similar threat to Bahia Point surfaced. Join us as we again try to save our public access!

Help protect Bahia Point from becoming privatized. #KeepMissionBayPublic

It is the mission of this website to help stop the loss of Gleason Road and Bahia Point (map) public access that is being proposed in resort expansions plans. Learn about The Problem!

What can you do?
Do you want to become involved to help protect mission Bay as we know it? Please check out how you can help put a stop to this. Volunteer, contact officials, put your skills to use on a committee, or simply help get the word out before we lose this precious resource. See many options here or Contact Us at to inquire some more.

Bahia Point TODAY

  • 260 Public parking spaces, including 6 handicap spaces
  • Almost half a mile (.44)of Gleason Road, with access to sandy beaches, grassy areas and shoreline
  • Access for small sailboats, SUPs, kayaks, outriggers, wind-surfers and more
  • Room for families, barbecues, parties
  • Large grassy area at end for volleyball, Frisbee, kites and more

Proposed development of Bahia Point

  • Only 100 public parking spaces, which are likely to be filled by hotel guests and staff
  • Maybe .2 miles of Gleason Road
  • Virtually NO access for sailboats, SUPs, etc
  • Virtually NO room for families, barbecues, parties
  • Virtually NO grassy area for volleyball, etc

Take a little tour of the point and see what is at risk of being taken away.

Join this Facebook Group for additional updates and information from other concerned citizens.