What can you do?

Be Vocal

What is happening is not right. Protocol is being ignored to get this expansion passed before the public knows it. Post on social media about it. Use #KeepMissionBayPublic on posts. Tweet, Instagram, and Facebook pictures of you enjoying this wonderful public spot on Mission Bay and let others know that access at Mission Bay is in jeopardy! Share our web page (http://KeepMissionBayPublic.org) and our Facebook group with everyone you can.

Volunteer, Join a Committee

There are committees being formed to help protect the public access of Mission Bay. And we hope one of them resonates with a particular skill-set you have. Please email us at keepmissionbaypublic@gmail.com to help.

  • Legal (Detail on Master Plan, Seeking Lawyers, Signature Drive for Ballot Measure, Initiative change.org)
  • Political (List of all Political Players, Events Calendar, Organizing Groups for meetings, Setup Meetings with Key Politicians)
  • Promotional (Website, Press Releases, Flyers & Propaganda, People on the Ground, Creating & Maintaining a Database)

Attend Meetings

Check our website calendar in the right sidebar and our Facebook Group to get information on planning and approval meetings. Attendance to these is critical so our elected official know that privatizing our beaches and access to the bay is not acceptable. Regardless of what businesses might profit but it.

Contact council-members and city officials

It is up to the citizens to share their concerns and hold our our officials accountable in being our voice. Click here to contact your council-person and ask city officials what is happening in regards to the project.